Below are links that I have found to be particularly helpful when planning or scouting a potential area or hike. I hope you find them just as useful! Each of the headings are clickable and will lead you to the main homepage. Underneath each heading are bulleted lists that include particular subpages that I found interesting or of additional benefit. I hope they aid you as well as they have aided me.

Missouri Backpacking

A great blog on hiking the Ozark Trail and one of my favorite National Park Areas (and the very first to protect a river system). Includes information on the trail, topo maps and info on the gear used. Very handy info!

Missouri Department of Conservation Homepage

    • MDC Atlas - Search for a conservation area by name, county and/or region.
    • MDC Field Guide - An online resource to images, audio, and facts to help you identify many of Missouri's plants, animals, and mushrooms.
    • MCD Wildlife Cameras - Missouri wildlife web cameras! Including a Peregrine Falcon web camera, Runge Nature Center web camera and more.
    • MDC Wildlife Reporting - Did you just spot a mountain lion or black bear on your hike? Be sure to let the MDC know here.
    • Mushrooming Guide - Excellent source of information on hunting edible mushrooms in Missouri and a great activity to partake in while hiking! Includes cooking recipes.

    Missouri Department of Natural Resources Homepage

    Missouri State Parks Homepage 

    US Forest Service Homepage

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