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How To: Geocaching

While I was typing up the paragraph on our search for the geocache onthe Peewah Trail in Trail of Tears State Park, I was reminded of justhow much fun we have, as a family, searching for these little bits ofhidden treasure. I'll admit, even as a supposedly full-grown adult, myeyes light up just as much as my daughter's each time we find ageocache, and I'm always anxious to see what is inside!... (click for more)

How To: Make Homemade Bug Repellent

There are a lot of good things about making your own bug repellent, forone, you know everything that is going into the batch, so if you haveallergies or find that particular scents make you ill, you can easilychange it up. You can also change how concentrated the repellent is byadding or removing water from the concoction and, you may even want tocackle maniacally as you fully enter your "mad scientist" mode as youmix, children LOVE this part (so practice your BWAAH, HA, HA's)... (click for more)

How To: Take A GREAT Day Hike

We've all been here. The TV weatherperson just called the upcomingweekend the "very best ever!" and the smiling sun graphic behind themhas you wanting to get out, get in touch with nature, breathe in a bitof fresh air and nab some exercise while you're at it. If you're looking to hit every one of those points out of the park, get on out and take a day hike. If you follow a few simple steps, I'm sure you'll find that a day hike is simple, easy and TONS of fun... (click for more)

How To: Ticks

Did you feel that? That little tickle, running up your leg, or maybethat traveling tingle up your neck... You can feel it now can't you?Even though your certain they aren't on you... They're tiny. They'retenacious. They're TICKS and if you're out in the woods (or even yourown backyard) you'll most likely see them. Here's what they are, what they may carry, how to avoid them, and how to remove them... (click for more)

How To: Wilderness Areas

Wouldn't you like to get away? Away from the streets teeming withexhaust spewing mechanical monsters, the constant singing of cellphones, crowded water holes, the chirping of emails in your inbox, theclamor of people as they march to and fro... Don't you deserve a break? A chance to leave technology and other people behind, a chance to take in a bit of nature's splendor in solitude?
Heck yea you do, and it's easier than you think, you just need to get out and experience your local wilderness areas!... (click for more)

How To: Use A Compass

Fleetwood Mac had it right, "You Can Go Your Own Way" anytime you likewhen you're out hiking and you don't need to be a Meriwether Lewis orWilliam Clark either. All you need is a compass, a map and the knowledge of how to use it. Here's a how to on what a compass is, what parts make up the compass and how to put it all together with a map in order tofind your way. Beware... Fist pumping is advised...
(click for more)

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