Camel Rock Quarter Release 2/4/16!

I wrote about the absolute beauty of Shawnee National Forest's Garden of the Gods back in 2014 and the images of the spectacular views there are still just as vivid today as they were then. The United States Mint must have viewed those same scenic vistas because they will soon be releasing a new quarter under the America the Beautiful Quarters Program dedicated to the Shawnee National Forest and featuring one of the Garden of the Gods most prolific sights... Camel Rock....(click for more)

Missouri Eagle Days!

Bald Eagle: Taken by Adrian Pingstone in July 2004 shared via Wikipedia Commons
Did you know that Missouri is a top stop for many migrating bald eaglesduring the winter? Well, Missouri is actually a very popular "vacationspot" for our fine feathered friends, who are drawn to our state's large rivers, lakes and wetlands. In fact, all of our natural beauty, smallgame and habitat make Missouri one of the best spots in the lower 48 for avid bird watchers to spot a bald eagle... (click for more)

Free Photography Classes In Kirksville, MO!

I've caught wildlife at play,fragile local wildflowers blooming, and my family's adventures foreverthrough the digital eye of my camera. I value every single snap of mycamera's shutter, and I can now look back through those photos and findmyself instantly teleported to that moment in time. If you too lovephotography or are just thinking about taking it up, you may want toread on about a free class the MDC is offering in Kirksville, MO.... (click for more)

Too Hot? Take In Some Art This June

I'll admit, Midwestern Missouri summer days can be absolutely brutal and if it's too hot outside for you perhaps you may want to take in somelocal art at the Cape Girardeau Nature Center. Beginning in June you can see photographer and wildlife biologist, Marcus Janzow's photographyexhibit, titled "Diverse Landscapes of Southeast Missouri"... (click for more)

Taking In A Meteor Shower: The Camelopardalids Meteor Shower

Astronomers are predicting that this Friday and Saturday's(May 23 & 24) Camelopardalids meteor shower may be this year's most extraordinaryuniversal display. Currently the experts are predicting between 100-400 meteors per hour, which is far more than normal showers and dwarfs the most recent Lyridshower which peaked at a measly 20 or so meteors per hour and we are in a PRIME spot here in the states to take it all in!... (click for more)

Come Fly With Me: MDC's Peregrine Falcon Web Cam

I have seen these majestic birds many times on our hikes here in Missouri, and if you haven't had the opportunity to check out the SiouxZee, Coal and their new baby peregrine falcons on the Missouri Department of Conservation's FalconCam, then your missing out! You can view the live stream from 7am - 7pm every day of the week on FalconCam which is a perfect time for taking an "eye" break while at work, right... (click for more)

Get Hooked: Missouri Kid's Fishing Days 2014

I am a huge proponent for getting kids outside and developing theirrelationship with nature. Now, the Missouri Department of Conservationoffers a great way for you to get the kids out and have some family fun, all while introducing kids to the outdoors and conservation. KidsFishing Days are created to help families and groups learn about fish,important fish habitat, conservation and fishing techniques. (click for more)

Finding Inspiration: Yosemite HD II Released

If you haven't had a chance to see the video created by filmmakers Colin Delehanty and Sheldon Neill, you're missing out on one of the mostinspirational and downright beautiful clip I've ever come across. Thesetwo embarked upon a 200 plus mile backpacking trip through the YosemiteNational Park in order to capture the breathtaking time-lapse video seen in Yosemite HD II... (click for more)

Breathe Deep: The Black Locusts Are Blooming!

We certainly hope you are as fortunate as we feel right now. As we take our daily "urban hike" down sidewalk on Hopper Road in Cape Girardeau, we are lucky enough to have the fresh scents of the Black Locust (Robina pseudoacacia and may also go by the less commonly used False Acacia) floating on the breeze for us to enjoy throughout our trek... (click for more)

Celebrate National Wildflower Week! May 5-11

Wildflowers are blooming everywhere, as I'm sure anyone with allergies can certainly attest and it's just in time for the 26th Anniversary of National Wildflower Week! National Wildflower Week, was established to remind you to get out and marvel at the beauty of wildflowers and also bring attention to the issues that are currently effecting your local fauna, such as loss of local habitat.... (click for more)

American Hiking Society's National Trails Day June 7th

AmericanHiking Society’s National Trails Day® will bring together outdoorenthusiasts across the country on Saturday, June 7, 2014, to celebrate America's magnificent trail system and its countlesssupporters and volunteers. More than 2,000 nationwide events will take placeincluding trail maintenance, hiking, paddling, biking, horseback riding, birdwatching, running, trail celebrations and more! National Trails Day® encourages all Americansto connect with local outdoor clubs, businesses, community groups, and parksand recreation departments as well as federal land managing agencies toexperience, appreciate, and share the natural places we cherish... (click for more)

A Protected Slither On Snake Road: Shawnee National Forest

The ShawneeNational Forest office in Illinois announced that "Snake Road" (alsoknown as LaRue Road 345) will be closed to traffic between mile post 3.0 andmile post 5.8 during the upcoming annual snake migration, August 30 - October30. If these coldblooded slitherers don't give you the heebie-jeebies, you cantake a trek on foot to catch the migration which draws observers from all overthe US! Please note, if you head out, some of the species in this migrationhave been identified as threatened and endangered by the state of Illinois andthe U.S. Forest Service, so please let nature take its slithery course... (click for more)

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