Friday, January 23, 2015

MDC Offering Free "Discover Nature Girls Camp" - Kansas City Area

Courtesy Missouri Department of Conservation

As a father of a wonderful twelve-year-old, I have to admit... It's sometimes tough making the outdoors interesting. I love long hikes, the sounds, the smells, the freedom calls to me like an old friend and I relish ever single "conversation" I get to have with the great outdoors. Every step finds me a different view from which to marvel at her beauty. Now, that's me and my conversation with . Here's the conversation my daughter has with Mother Nature during a long walk: "O... M... G... Will it end?" That's why I keep our hikes short and I scout out most areas as well, it has to pass the "is there something cool or a big payoff on this hike" test. But I think anyone will tell you that the best way for a girl to have fun, well, it's with other girls!

Enter the Discover Nature Girls Camp

If you are looking for a way to make the outdoors more interesting for your daughter (or niece, granddaughter or just over all great girl that you love) who is between the ages of 11 to 15 and you live near Chilhowee, Missouri, you will certainly want to check out the Discover Nature Girls Camp, being held at Camp Palestine in Johnson County (see Google Map below for directions). According to the MDC site this is "a three-day, two-night camp that will introduce girls to outdoor skills in a supportive learning environment". The campers will be participating in skills including: archery, firearms safety, fishing, canoeing and water safety, with the MDC providing all of the necessary gear and materials. Who can beat that? Seriously... Who?

Registration Is Limited, So Act Now!

With a free deal this good you know there HAS to be a catch... And there is. You need to act NOW if you would like your favorite girl to participate as the Discover Nature Girls Camp is limited to 32 campers, with only the first 32 being admitted to the program. To request an application and apply for the Discover Nature Girls Camp, contact Agent Bartlett at (816) 835-6087, or call the Missouri Department of Conservation's Regional Office at (816) 622-0900. To find other GREAT programs near you visit

More Information:

Local Treks on facebook 
MDC Discover Nature Girls Camp webpage

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