Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Giant City State Park: Devil's Standtable Nature Trail

After taking in the history and spectacular view from the StonefortNature Trail we piled back in the old family truckster and set oursights on the Devil's Standtable Nature Trail, which was to provide abit more of a strenuous hike and a fantastic opportunity to get in a bit of boulder hopping and rock climbing fun for me. This was another short trail, winding another one-third of a mile into the beautiful forest,and the cherry on top, the Devil's Standtable itself, was well worth the short trek. However, if you find yourself wanting to take a seat atthis table you may want to bring along a mighty large chair

The Trail!

The trail begins as gravel filled forms, which create a bit of a stair case, and quickly makes its way to a dirt surfaced trail that follows the bottom of its magnificent sandstone bluff borders. As you make your way along this trail you will find numerous spots that sections of the beautiful bluffs have shaken loose from their native homes, tumbling to the forest floor and as you near the Devil's Standtable itself, you will come across a large, partially collapsed sandstone shelter which is a stone hopper's paradise! I enjoyed leaping from boulder to boulder and even doing my best "Cliffhanger" impersonation from a few of them. When I wasn't hopping from place to place, I noticed that some of these boulders had names and dates carved upon their surface, unknown to me, this was to be a bit of a foreshadowing of our next hike through the Giant City Streets.

Please, Exercise Caution

The official trail ended at a wonderful spot from which to gather a ground level view of the Devil's Standtable, but I wanted to get just a bit closer to this magnificent natural monument. Upon a bit of inspection I found a less worn trail that led to the sandstone base and quickly scrambled up the stoney incline. Let me tell you, at eye-level with the Devil's Standtable you'll surely be impressed with just how delicate the balancing of this formation is and just how fragile the difference between the Standtable staying perched upon its column or its possible plummeting from its lengthy perch! As always, I'll give warning here... Rock may become quite slippery when wet and there is always a possibility of slipping and falling while leaping, bounding, jumping, cartwheeling, flipping, climbing, sliding, handstanding or having any other type of fun on rocks. Children may also be able to get up into an area then be unable to come back down, so please always err on the side of safety.

Directions (click the Google Map below to enter in your address)

Giant City State Park
235 Giant City Road
Makanda, IL 62958
(618) 457-4836

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