Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Celebrate National Wildflower Week! May 5 - 11

There's more to some wildflowers than meets the eye!

Wildflowers are blooming everywhere (as I'm sure anyone with allergies can certainly attest) and it's just in time for the 26th Anniversary of National Wildflower Week! National Wildflower Week, was established to remind you to get out and marvel at the beauty of wildflowers and also bring attention to the issues that are currently effecting your local fauna, such as loss of local habitat. You don't have to get out into the wilds to sneak glimpses of wildflowers, just look out your window on your commute to work, check in your backyard or go on a quick neighborhood walk to discover the wildflowers that call your area home. So go ahead, set aside a bit of time to take a quick stroll, be it down a dirt trail, down your neighborhood street, or just down your driveway and keep an eye out for the wild beauty that surrounds you.

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Thanks for reading and happy trails to you!

More Information:
National Wildflower Week Homepage
The National Forest Service Wildflower Week Page

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